[Weaving, re-purposing industrial waste, window manifestation]

A contemporary translation of the Samurai armour in the form of window manifestations that celebrate the beauty of armour in our modern day context.

Looking through the eyes of the Samurai, windows become an emblem of Japanese culture. Their purpose not merely for lighting or ventilation but also for creating a picture frame that cuts out a unique piece of the view outside like a peaceful landscape painting, or as a decorative pattern that overlaps the landscape.

During times of scarcity, the Samurai armour was crafted with repurposed metals from farming tools and kitchen utensils. In contrast, today we live in an age of abundance where pre-consumer waste occurs through discontinued products and materials in our industrialised manufacturing system. In true Samurai Spirit, the translation of the Samurai armour focused on utilising this pre-consumer waste generated from a local braiding manufacturer and sunscreen wholesaler.

This interpretation of the Samurai Spirit inspires a system that marries unlikely industries and a working method that celebrates the qualities of practicality and aesthetics. For the Samurai, beauty is achieved through careful and thoughtful assemblage. It is exciting to imagine how the spirit of the Samurai could evolve further in the future by finding more purposes for the purposeless materials in our world.