[Circular knitting, monofilament, cotton, polyster]

When you close your eyes, what do you see?

Images leak into vision through the unlocking of my unconscious mind to depict worlds invented through wandering imagination. Some vivid, some warm, some calming. Colours morph and blend in a symphony of hues never witnessed in the waking world, casting the scenery in a luminous glow. The very fabric of reality unravels, giving way to the extraordinary and the fantastical.

Welcome to my Dreamscape.

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[Salvedged wood, wool, deadstock braids]

Inspired by traditional Samurai Armour, FLOAT is a series of upholstered seating designs that combines wood, wool and braided materials to offer a moment of rest.
[Kumihimo, hand braiding, paper yarn, wood veneer]

Whilst retaining the same elements of wood, paper and light, The Light Charmer re-imagines the traditional Japanese lantern using the ancient technique of kumihimo braiding to sculpt light.

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[Ghost fishing, weaving, re-using ghost nets, Healthy Seas]

The Ghost Urchin is made of 10 panels woven with ghost fishing gear retrieved from The North Sea by Ghost Diving and Healthy Seas. By untangling, unravelling, sorting and cleaning the Ghost nets, this ‘immortal material’ can be prepared for weaving. With each net having a distinct texture, coarseness and colouring, it is possible to express tactile qualities similar to that of a real sea urchin.

Finalist of the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize 2022

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[Weaving, re-purposing industrial waste, window manifestation]

A contemporary translation of the Samurai armour in the form of window manifestations and room dividers that celebrate the beauty of armour in our modern day context.

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